A political story unfolds...

Western Forces
Eastern Forces

Democracy and communism clash!

Covert Russian forces, mixed with conscripts and regional mercenaries, have been working throughout eastern europe in Russian interest to spread communism and place Russian leadership throughout the region's government, especially in the country of Ickbekistan. NATO forces, lead primarily by US Special Operations, engage in untold fight across the Ickbekistan border to insure that Russian interests are limited and the locals can further develop their budding democratic government.

The people of Ickbekistan are cought in the fight, some portions of the people supporting communist ideologies while others pushing for NATO aid in stabalizing their failing democracy.

We want YOU!

New players encouraged
to join the fight!

We are here to listen from you deliver exellence

East vs West is a 10+ hour Military Simulations event, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it if you're new! If you're worried you're too new to the hobby to join us at East vs West, DON'T BE WORRIED! East vs West is no doubt a challenging game but we encourage all new players to come out and experience it for themselves. We'll get you setup with a team! All you need is your airsoft rifle, the proper uniform, mid-cap magazines, and BBs! Check out the TACSOP for the rules! (Don't worry, we'll brief you all on the rules the day of too!)

T1 Airsoft Outdoor Field

East vs West 5 AO

40+ acres of wooded terrain and buildings.

East vs West takes place at T1 Airsoft's Outdoor Field, located in Oklahoma City, OK. The field boasts 40+ acres of wooded terrain with additional structures built throughout the field. With easy access right next to the highway, it is an easy location to find and has plenty of places to eat near-by. Participants are welcome to camp the night and leave in the morning as well.

East vs West Faction:

WEST Forces

Western forces consist primarily of NATO forces throughout the world, working together to help further the ideologies of free democracy throughout the region.

WEST Uniforms:
*3 or 6 Color Desert

US Weapons Encouraged
but not required.


East vs West Faction:

EAST Forces

Eastern Forces consist primarily of Russian military, conscripts, and mercenaries figthing to destabalize western influences in the region.

EAST Uniforms:
*Any uniform NOT listed in WEST uniforms, ideally Green oriented.

Russian Weapons Encouraged
but not required.


# Description Start Time End Time
01 Gates to the field open. Players may arrive. 1000 hrs N/A
02 Sign-in and chronograph open. 1100 hrs 1200 hrs
03 Leadership meeting. All leadership for each faction will meet at designated areas to plan. Command center and other assets are setup. 1115 hrs 1200 hrs
04 Game briefing. All players required to attend. 1200 hrs 1245 hrs
05 Leadership organizes forces, conducts inspections, and briefs all players on mission. 1245 hrs 1315 hrs
06 Players move to bases and setup any equipment 1315 hrs 1400 hrs
07 Game Starts / STARTEX 1400 hrs 1400 hrs
08 Game Ends / ENDEX. 0000 hrs 0000 hrs


WEST Forces

Fight for democracy!


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EAST Forces

Fight back western influence!


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